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The New VP112S. Our Best Home Chamber Sealer

Just when you thought something couldn’t get any better… it did! The new VP112S has all the notable features of its predecessor, but with new, industry leading improvements. The VP112 model has been known for vacuum packaging liquid-rich foods, infusions, and portioning out cuts of meat a breeze, and that didn’t change!


While maintaining the compact, low profile design, we re-engineered the lid and chamber to make it less weight yet greater strength and performance for home and commercial use.

VP112S has a re-engineered chamber and lid


The VP112S features high-strength, sleek brushed stainless exterior making it easy to clean and smudge resistant.

VP112 has new vacuum sealing technology

VacMaster VP112 Reviews

5-stars.jpg“This is an excellent machine for home use and light commercial use. I’ve used it to freeze meals, vegetables, and for sauces I’ve prepared in advance." – Thomas on Webstaurant.com

5-stars.jpg“Ideal once you have been bitten by sous vide” – James from San Diego, CA on Amazon.com

5-stars.jpg"I would buy this unit again in a heart beat, it does that good of a job" – Anonymous on MyVacMaster.com

5-stars.jpg"This has transformed my kitchen” – Max from Seattle, WA on Amazon.com

Pre-orders start today and will ship on or before May 15, 2015.

Pre-Order the VP112S Now