VacMaster is proudly partnering up with Team Fitzgerald. If you aren't already following them on social media you should be! This father and son duo is representing VacMaster in style, plus they also are very good at what they do.

If you haven't heard/seen already... Inside Outdoors TV is now using VacMaster vacuum sealers on their TV show. If you haven't seen this show, you NEED to. It features Dave and Tim (shown above) having a realistic appeal to fellow hunters. With their brotherly bantering and competition, they share their experience and knowledge of hunting, the VacMaster equipment they use and life in general.  They will entertain you, give you something to relate to, and hopefully teach you a thing or two that can help you be a better hunter!

100616-2banner-huntingguide.jpg100616-gamechart-huntingguide.jpgHOW LONG TO PRESERVE YOUR GAME

Food sealed by VacMaster stays fresh for 5x longer than food stored by other traditional methods- that's our freshness guarantee. Besides providing an easy and convenient way to package your game  and catch, it is also a fantastic method of storage and preservation! If you plan to eat your meat right away you can put it in the refrigerator; or toss in the freezer and it will be just as fresh whenever you are ready to cook! Many storage methods leave your meat with freezer burn- VacMaster prevents this by removing the air and moisture that cause this issue! See for yourself on our game and catch storage chart shown above.

100616-3banner-huntingguide.jpgBE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN GAME

We know you take pride in bringing home all your own meat. VacMaster helps your process from drop to freeze. Our  heavy duty food sealers are built to handle the rigorous processing of big-game. You worked hard to catch and process, don't let any of your game  go to waste. Game sealed by VacMaster lasts up to 5x longer than traditional storage methods. Grab your rifle and get after that wall-hanger you've had your eye on; VacMaster will help you with the rest.                      


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 Quotation Marks Very easy to setup, very easy to use. Excellent vacuum. This unit is very quiet compared to my non-chamber    
        vacuum sealer. This unit also makes excellent seals. So far I am very happy with this purchase!  Quotation Marks — J.C 2016  

Quotation Marks I do a lot of wild game and fish. The wife and I decided to spend extra to get and great machine instead of the
       cheaper sealer machine. Boy am I glad we did. Doing soups and meats much more now. Over time the cost of
       bags will pay for it. It also does a much better job than sealer machines. Quotation Marks — Unkown 2016

Quotation Marks This is a good universal size. I used it for most of the stuff. It is not too small. I vacuum cooked food with sauce
       so that the sauce can stay in the bag. I also used it for cut meat, dry mushroom, razor clam, cut fish etc. Not
       too big that make me feel it is a waste.  Quotation Marks — Desmond C. 2016