Bacon Wrapped Turkey Roast

Bacon wrapped turkey roast

As much as I enjoy a perfectly executed whole turkey with the glistening juicy breasts taking center stage it’s hard not to be impressed with this culinary icon. But dig down a bit deeper and when you get to the thighs - call me! Without a doubt my favorite cut of turkey is the thigh, big deep flavor and so very juicy. I often wonder why can't my turkey be all thighs? Well guess what VacMasters?!?! Now you can!

This bacon wrapped turkey roast is made up of all thigh meat simply seasoned with salt and a variety of herbs all and held together with transglutanminase the same magical dust we used to “glue" together the “Whitefish Fillet Mignon” earlier in the blog.

Through trial and error we have found that sifting through a fine mesh sieve or can style shaker is the best way to efficiently and evenly apply the dust. Speaking of applying the dust, keep any additions to the turkey thigh mix minimal and evenly applied as too much non protein products could interfere with the transglutanminases' ability to work properly.

When I purchased my ridiculously cheap turkey thighs I didn't realize at the time that they were skinless. My original plan was to remove the skin, assemble the roast and then “glue” the skin back on but faced with no skin to work with I opted for a crispy bacon jacket. This glitch turned out to be fortuitous. Not only did the bacon add much needed fat to keep the roast moist but also added a deliciously smokey component that would have been missing from my original idea not to mention it looks bangin!

This roast is easy, economical and elegant perfect for an economical weekend meal or fancy enough for guests. Pair it with our creamed spinach or potato gratin either way it’s a winner!



• 3-4 pounds turkey thighs, skinless

• 6-8 tablespoon transglutaminase, or as needed

• 2-3 tablespoon herbs de Provence, as needed

• 2-3 tablespoons kosher salt, or to taste

• 13-20 rashers bacon rashers cut thin

• Cooking oil, for frying


turkey with herbs

1. Cut the turkey thighs in approximately one inch cubes and place into a suitable sized mixing bowl.

2. Sprinkle the herbs and salt over the meat and using a rubber spatula or similar and mix thoroughly.

3. Using roughly half of the transglutaminase dust in a fine layer using a fine-mesh sieve or can styled shaker over the turkey mix well and repeat until the turkey is totally coated.

4. Set your roll of plastic wrap on the top edge of your work surface.

5. Pull enough plastic over your work surface to cover it completely, plus a little extra over the edge (depending on the width of your plastic wrap you might need to overlap two pieces to accommodate your roast)

wrapped turkey

6. Place the turkey at the top and center of the plastic wrap in a log shape

7. Pull the loose edge of the plastic (the side closest to you) tight, and pull up and over the mixture. While keeping the plastic tight, roll over three or four times. Grasp firmly on the edges of the turkey and pull the plastic outward as if unwrapping a roll.

8. Roll over a couple more times and repeat then roll a couple more times and cut the plastic wrap.

9. Roll the ends of the roast in opposite directions, so that the ends of the plastic compress the roast into a tight cylinder.

10. Tie the plastic off in a knot as close to the edge as possible and repeat on the other side.


11. The roast should feel very tight and spring back when you squeeze it.

12. Refrigerate the roast for 45-1 hour to firm up.

13. Preheat the SV1 to 151°F/66°C.

14. Place a large sheet of parchment paper on your work surface and place as many bacon rashers side by side vertically as needed to envelope the roast.

15. Completely dust the surface of the bacon with the remaining transglutaminase.

16. Carefully using scissors cut out the turkey roast from the plastic wrap (it should be relatively firm and holding its cylindrical shape) and place at the top center of the bacon.

wrapping turkey in bacon

17. Working from left to right at the top, bring up one of the rashers over the roast towards you and press firmly to adhere.

18. Continue the remaining bacon rashers.

19. Gently smooth the top layer with the palm of your hand.

20. Working from the bottom, left to right, repeat the procedure but this time lifting the rashers up and away from you meeting and over lapping the top rasher.

21. Repeat with remaining bacon until the roast is completely enrobed in the bacon, smoothing out any air bubbles or imperfections gently with the palm of your hand.

in water bath

22. Set your roll of plastic wrap on the top edge of your work surface and repeat the same procedure as earlier to completely wrap and tie the bacon wrapped roast in plastic wrap.

23. Place the wrapped roast in a suitable VacMaster bag and using a VacMaster chamber or suction machine vacuum pack the roast.

24. Cook for the roast for at least three hours (for a springy texture which is suitable for farmed turkey) and as many as six (for a more braised, cooked-down texture which can be more suitable for wild turkey).

sliced turkey roast

25. Remove from the roast from the water bath of the SV1 and carefully unwrap using scissors.

26. Pat the roast dry with a clean towel.

27. Heat about an inch of mild flavored oil in a large heavy bottomed cast iron skillet or similar and brown the roast by rotating until golden brown on all sides.

28. Let the roast sit for a few minutes then slice and serve.