Beef Recipes You'll Love

There is something distinctly satisfying about a good piece of beef. The great thing about beef is that you can prepare and serve it so many ways. No matter what style food you're in the mood for, there is probably an option that includes beef. 

1. Sous Vide Standing Rib of Beef

Also often refereed to at Prime Rib this cut of meat still has the bones in it, and "stands" by itself. If you're looking to indulge in this one, you'll have to wait for a little. It will need to cook for at least 24 hours. Not only is the wait worth it, but the sous vide method keeps the process easy.

sous vide standing rib

2. New York Strip with Wild Mushroom Salt- It's a Meat Eaters Dream

For many, the New York Strip is one of the first cuts to come to mind when thinking of beef. For a good reason, this cut is delicious. Add Chef Eric's flavorful Wild Mushroom Salt, and sous vide preparation, and you can take this tasty cut to the next level.

sous vide new york strip

3. Chicken Fried Chuck Steak Sous Vide with Black Pepper Gravy

Everyone loves fried chicken or fried anything for that matter. Why not take the same concept used with chicken, to fry up a piece of steak? The crunchy outer layer and a helping of delicious pepper gravy, make this meal one you'll want again and again.

chicken fried steak

4. Beef Jerky with Hickory
The perfect option when you just need a snack, but you're in the mood for red meat. Use your chamber sealer to make your own beef jerky!

beef jerky recipe

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