Buy Too Much For The Holidays? Store Leftovers With VacMaster

Leftover ham

The holidays are finally over in my house. I don't mean to sound relieved about this; however, my wife and I got roped into hosting three very large parties, one a week, beginning the week before Christmas. The first party was for 40 people, the second for 20 + people and the third a one week stay for 14 people and 4 dogs. 

Needless to say we needed to buy a lot of food, and while we ate most of it, we were still left with quite a bit when the last meal was served. Not wanting any of this food to go to waste, we had to find the best way to store it, and preferably keep it fresh. Of course there is only one method that keeps food fresh up to 5X longer than other methods- VacMaster. 

We portioned everything out into VacMaster bags that could simply be tossed in the freezer, the fridge, or in a cooler for our guests to take with them. Since all of our guests came by car, we made sure no one left our home empty handed, everyone received leftovers from at least one meal. 

To give you a better idea of the versatility of VacMaster here are a few of the items we vacuum packaged:

• Ham 

• Turkey

• Turkey Soup 

• Cheese Potatoes

• Pasta

• Meat Sauce

• Brisket

• Burgers

• More

We don't have a chamber sealer (yet) so to seal our liquid items we put them in the freezer just long enough to solidify the liquid to prevent it from getting sucked into the machine. Takes a little more patience than the chamber, but allowed us to seal many bags of soup with a suction sealer. It only took about a week, but we finally have our house back!