Chef Eric's Review of the VP112S

The VP112S is the smallest pure chamber vacuum sealer in the VacMaster lineup. The unit is ideal for small commercial operations, or for use in the home.
The two hinged lid of the VP112S allows the unit to maintain a low profile, even with the lid open. This helps the machine to fit perfectly on your kitchen counter, even if you have cabinets above it. The bag holder helps to secure the bag in place on the 12-inch seal bar, to get the perfect seal every time. 
Another key feature of this unit for use in the kitchen is the marinate function. During a marinate cycle, the vacuum pump works multiple times in one "cycle". During the vacuum cycle the marinade is pulled into the fibers of the meat helping with rapid flavor infusion.  The control panel allows you to adjust your vacuum and seal times as necessary. 
Use the VP112S to vacuum seal food for sous vide cooking, or to vacuum package food and goods for storage. We recommend using VacMaster Chamber Pouches with this machine.
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