How to Operate the PRO110 Vacuum Sealer

The PRO110 Suction Vacuum Sealer is the smallest unit in the VacMaster lineup. This small counter top vacuum sealer is perfect for bringing vacuum technology to your home. Vacuum sealing helps to keep food fresh for up to 5X longer than traditional storage methods. 
Designed to be inconspicuous in the kitchen and easy to use, it's the perfect start for someone new to vacuum sealing. The small size allows you to easily store the unit in a cabinet or a drawer when it's not in use. 

1. How to Set Up Your PRO110 Vacuum Sealer

Equipped with a 12" seal bar the PRO110 is a great introductory size for those looking to get into vacuum sealing. As a suction sealer the unit uses full mesh vacuum bags only, and is only able to seal dry goods, no liquids. The unit is made for simple home use, and will require a short rest between bags. The control panel includes a seal only button for use when creating a bag from a roll. This unit includes an accessory port for use with our vacuum canisters, you will use the "accessory" button when using this option. Other buttons include start and cancel to initiate or stop the vacuum cycle. 
2. How to Operate Your PRO110 Vacuum Sealer 
Using this small suction vacuum sealer is easy. Simply push down on the top to open, place the bag on the seal bar, hold the lid down and press start. Just remember to give the machine a brief break between bags, and repeat. 

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