How To Use Your VacMaster® To Make Your Move Easier

I mentioned in my a previous entry about How To Store Out Of Season Clothing Using Your VacMaster® that I had a move coming up, and finally moving week is upon me. As I have been packing and preparing for this move I have become aware that I have a lot of stuff for one girl; I also knew I needed an easy way to condense as much as possible for the sake of my wonderful family and friends helping with the move. Another job for my PRO380, this heavy-duty machine handled my packing like a champ. 

Due to the variety of items I knew I would be sealing I used both Vacuum Sealer Roll 8" X 50' Full Mesh and Vacuum Sealer Roll 15" X 50' Full Mesh to create versatile custom sized bags. 

The easiest place to start was with my clothes. I first packed a suitcase of the things I knew I would be wearing throughout the week- just to make sure they didn't get lost in the packing shuffle. I broke everything down into categories:Vacuum Sealed Clothing


• Tank Tops

• Long Sleeve Blouses

• Short Sleeve Blouses

• Cardigans

(So on and so forth)

Other odds and ends that I packed with the PRO380 included:

Nail Polish• Beauty Products:

• Nail Polish- I left them spread out in the bag instead of clumped together and they sealed nice and flat and took up almost no space in the bathroom box.

• Lotions, Masks, Misc. Items- All the things I know I won't need access to within the first few days in the new place. (Be careful not to over vacuum these, you don't want them to burst)

• Hair Ties and Headbands

• Open Bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash (even the seal only function will keep these from leaking all over the rest of your stuff)               

Neatly Sealed Cord• Cables and Cords

These are items that tend to get tangled and knotted up; I simply rolled them neatly and sealed them tightly in individual bags.

• Bedding

•Comforters (Depending on how heavy your comforter is, getting it inside the bag may be a battle, but once you get it sealed it is once nice condensed roll.

• Extra Sheets

• Silverware 

Use the seal only function, as it is likely that the sharp edges will tear the bag and ruin the vacuum seal.

• Memorabilia

• Old News Papers

• Commencement Programs

• Cards

• Old Stuffed Animals

• Etc ... 

I bagged up and sealed all my items before packing into boxes, suitcases and plastic tubs- it was amazing how many items I was able to fit into each because vacuum sealing made them so much smaller. I had a blast figuring out which items my VacMaster® could seal for my move, and I am sure there are many more items I could have done. If you have ever used your VacMaster® to help with a move, we'd love to hear how you did it.