Italian Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches Sous Vide Recipe


6 large Italian sausages, hot, links

Olive oil, evcp or similar

1 large red onion, trimmed, peeled and cut julienne

1 red bell pepper, cored, seeded and cut julienne

1 orange bell pepper, cored, seeded and cut julienne

3 serrano peppers, cored, seeded and cut julienne

3 large rosemary sprigs, fresh

3 pickled jalapenos, optional, cored and cut julienne

Salt and freshly cracked black pepper

Hot pickled peppers, or similar for garnish

Crusty French style sandwich roll, split open like a book, not cut all the way through

Preheat the SV1 to 60°C (140°F).

Using a VacMaster chamber or suction machine, package the sausages using a light vacuum, making sure the links aren’t overlapping each other in an appropriately-sized VacMaster pouch.

Carefully place the vacuum-packed sausages in the water bath and cook for minimum of 2 hours.

In a large skillet over medium high heat, add the olive oil with the onions, bell peppers, serranoes and optional pickled jalapenos.

Season with the salt and black pepper to taste.

Cook, stirring occasionally until onions and bell peppers are lightly browned and tender for about 15 minutes.

Remove the onions and peppers from the pan to a serving plate, discard the rosemary branches and keep warm.

Wipe the skillet clean and reserve for browning the sausages.

After 2 hours, carefully remove the sausages from the SV1.

Sear the cooked sausage links quickly on all sides over medium high heat in the reserved skillet until well browned. As the sausages are already hot this process should take only a few minutes.

Alternatively, these sausages could easily be finished on an outdoor gas or wood grill.

Serve sausage and peppers on the roll.

Garnish with pickled peppers.

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