Need space? The VacMaster® Pro110 can help!

VacMaster Pro110 and VacMaster VacStrip Bags

I recently moved into an apartment with a much smaller kitchen than my last. The counter space has been cut in half and the refrigerator freezer is smaller than I was accustomed to. I like to buy in bulk because I hate going to the grocery store, however, with the freezer being smaller I was worried that the food purchased would not fit. In just over an hour, the VacMaster® Pro110 and a combo pack box of VacMaster® VacStrip Bags gave me freezer and counter space to spare!

Here is what I had to work with:

• 5 pounds of hamburger

• 8 individual chicken breasts

• A 6 pound bag of chicken breasts

• 2 ribeye steaks

• 4 cups of shredded cheese

1. I labeled five 8” x 11.5”quart bags with "Hamburger 1 pound" and the date. Once, the bags were labeled, I measured one pound of hamburger and filled each of the five bags. Then, I proceeded to vacuum and seal.

VacMaster VacStrip bag labeled

Hamburger in VacStrip bag in VacMaster Pro110

Hamburger Sealed by VacMaster Pro 110

2. Next, I moved onto the eight individual chicken breasts. I labeled eight 6” x 10” pint bags with "1 chicken breast" and the date. I then filled, vacuumed and sealed the eight individual bags, perfect if you are cooking for one or two!

chicken breast vacstrip bags labeled

VacStrip bag with chicken breast in VacMaster Pro110

chicken breast sealed by VacMaster Pro110

3. For the ribeye steaks and the six pound bag of chicken the 11.5” x 20” gallon bags were perfect!

ribeye steaks sealed by VacMaster Pro110

Owen's Chicken Sealed by VacMaster Pro110

4. Once all items were sealed, I neatly stacked them in my freezer.

All items sealed with VacMaster Pro110

Food stacked in freezer

5. Clean up was a breeze and the VacMaster® Pro110 fits perfectly, even on my small counter top!

VacMaster Pro110 on Counter