Same Vacuum Storage Bags, Brand New Look

Same bags, brand new look

Our bags are finally catching up with who we are. We're introducing a little more color to the website, as well as your drawers and cabinets. The great quality of our full mesh bags will remain the same; we've just updated the packaging to better represent our brand.

Besides just adding a bit of color we've also introduced dispenser style boxes that make storage easier, and your bags more accessible when you need them.  Dispenser boxes fit neatly into a drawer or cabinet shelf and make it easy to grab just one bag at a time as needed. 

VacMaster Full Mesh Bags and Rolls:

• 3-mil Thick material provides optimum freshness

• Can be frozen, refrigerated, boiled, or microwaved

• Eliminate freezer burn and food dehydration

• Patented mesh layer design for maximum vacuum

• BPA free and FDA approved for food storage

• Bags are suitable for sous vide cooking

• Compatible with all brands of vacuum sealers

Try them out today, and don't forget to tell us how much you love them by leaving a review!

Questions about materials, or cooking in bags? Check the Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions. 

Same Bags, New Look