Secrets to Sous Vide Safety

You may have heard people say that sous vide is simply boiling food in a plastic bag. This is not true. Sous vide is the art of cooking food at a consistent, precise temperature, resulting in more accurate and dependable results. Food cooked sous vide is better quality than when cooked traditionally – vacuum sealing holds in the juices and flavors and consistent temperature cooks food evenly, every time.

No more raw centers and burnt outsides on steaks or burgers and say bye-bye to dry, overcooked chicken. Cooking in a bag prevents loss of flavor or moisture - meals emerge with more robust flavor. Your family will love the bold taste of the food. The difference in flavor will not go unnoticed.

Cooking sous vide allows the food to cook thoroughly at a consistent, low temperature in food-safe plastic pouches. It is perfectly safe. VacMaster offers a variety of BPA-free and FDA approved nylon/polyethylene sealable plastic bags. You can freeze, refrigerate, microwave, boil, or use the bags to cook sous vide. VacMaster chamber pouches are puncture resistant and protect food from freezer burn and dehydration, keeping food from spoiling. Zipper pouches are reclosable and easy to open, and protect from freezer burn and dehydration. Vacuum seal your food and store it, then open and zip shut again for easy short-term storage. The zipper pouches feature a V tear notch for easy opening; perfect for foods such as cheese, beef jerky, or deli meats. VacMaster’s line of versatile bags are perfect for all your sous vide or food storage needs.

For the best results, use the proper food-safe bags, cook food at the required temperatures and take precautions to store it properly. You will enjoy all the benefits of sous vide cooking – hearty flavors, evenly cooked food and easy meal preparation. VacMaster is here to get you on the way to cooking perfect sous vide meals with the equipment you need. Once you’ve sealed your VacMaster bags, drop them in water bath and use the SV1 Sous Vide Cooking Immersion Circulator to cook your delicious meals.