Simple, consistent, efficient food preparation no matter what size the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if you run one restaurant or a chain of grocery stores, cook-chill significantly reduces labor costs and food costs, while maintaining a consistency your customers expect. Cook-Chill is the process of preparing measured batches of food by cooking them to safe temperatures, placing them into a Rethem pouch, sealing with a bag sealer, then chilling rapidly for refrigeration or freezing until ready to serve. Food prepping procedures are greatly enhanced when the cook-chill process is utilized by ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency in every batch.

Cook-Chill has many benefits beyond efficiency and consistency. Safety is paramount in every process when working with food. The cook-chill method promotes food safety since there is less human-to-product contact. Handling of food is safer since it is stored in a sealed bag or pouch. Cook-chill also helps reduce cross-contamination compared to foods stored in poly pans with lids. The foods prepared in the cook-chill process have an extended shelf life and maintain their taste, texture, and appearance.

Cook Chill can be applied to a variety of food products such as beef, pork, frozen fish, condiments, fruits and vegetables. Some of the most common items that take advantage of this food preparation method are soups, sauces, and stocks. The VacMaster BS116 Bag Sealer along with VacMaster retherm bags and ring stand bag holder are the perfect combo for streamlining this process.

Because the cook-chill process is simple to set up and replicate at scale, it is often utilized by many in the foodservice industry such as caterers, fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, grocers, hospital and school foodservice departments. Organizations, such as these, prepare food in large quantities and the cook-chill process helps them save on labor, improves their food safety efforts, and ultimately leads to happy customers by delivering delicious foods consistently every time.