Simple Guidelines: How To Cook In Chamber Pouches

Sous Vide Salmon

If you already own a chamber sealer, you already know what a versatile tool it is in the kitchen; you've probably already cooked food in your chamber pouches, or at least thought about it. Here are some basic guidelines for cooking in standard chamber pouches.


Boiling is typically 200° F or higher. These standard (3-mil) pouches can typically survive the "high" (above 180° F) temperatures of this rigorous method for 20 minutes. It is important to know that the time and heat factors can be affected by the weight of the food and/ or how much air is in the bag. 

Our chamber pouches are perfect for sous vide cooking. The pouches are perfect for this French method of cooking in the bag, because of the "low" (below 180° F) cooking temperatures, the extended cook time is not a problem. 

When cooking food items that may have sharp edges, such as bones, we recommend placing a Bone Guard sheet over the bone or the sharp edge to prevent snags or tears, that may impact cooking. Each Bone Guard sheet is made of thick heavy-duty 6-mil material. The 4.5" x 5" material is clear providing you with full visibility.

* When using our Re- Therm pouches you may boil for 30 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes of the standard pouches. 


When microwaving food inside a chamber pouch it is important to puncture, or cut a small hole in the pouch. This allows steam and air that would fill the bag while cooking to escape. There are no time restrictive factors for microwaving, because cook times are typically short. 

Please keep in mind that there are many factors in using pouches to cook in, whether boiling or microwaving; therefore, we strongly recommend that users test the pouch(es) first before entering production. Test and develop your recipe keeping in mind such variables as heat, time, weight, contents ... etc. before finalizing production. 

*All VacMaster® bags are BPA free and FDA approved.

Helpful Guidelines For Sous Vide Cooking Times↓