Store Important Documents in VacMaster® Bags to Keep Them Safe

I feel like I have so many important documents to keep track of; not only do I need to be sure not to lose them, but I also need to keep them in good condition. I'm sure I am not the only one occasionally overwhelmed by keeping track of all of my important documents and memories. This is where my VacMaster® vacuum sealer comes in handy (again) I seriously use it for everything. To keep all of my important documents safe I like to use the seal only function on my VacMaster® to seal the bag without crumpling or bending the document.  I am able to keep all of my sealed documents stored in a fireproof safe deposit box kept in my home, where I know they will be safely stored until I need them next. I do the same thing with memorabilia, and then store them in a memory box as opposed to a safe deposit box. I love that these bags are waterproof helping add one more barrier of protection, and they don't take up too much space in either the memory or safe deposit boxes. 

Documents this works great for include:

Vacuum sealed passport

• Passports

• Birth Certificates

• Social Security Cards

• Tax Documents

• Real Estate Deeds

• Diplomas

• Guardianship Arrangements

• Vehicle Titles

• Wills

• Trusts

As well as the many other important documents you need to hold on to.