Summer Harvest is Here, Tips to Keep Yours Fresh

sweet corn

compressed melon

Take advantage of your garden right now, this time of year your garden yields all sorts of goodies. I trip out to the back yard can fill your basket as during summer harvest quickly as a trip to the grocery store can. Summer harvest fruits and veggies have a special quality about them, and when they come from your own garden, you feel a sense of pride preparing and eating them.

The ins and outs of summer harvest:

Blanching and Freezing- Those wonderful treats from the garden can be a bit delicate to properly store. Some vegetables emit gasses that can decrease the vacuum; some fruits and veggies are soft and can get squished easily. Check herefor tips and tricks to successfully vacuum sealing your summer harvest.

Sweet Corn Recipe- What grows on a stalk and is one of the best parts of summer harvest? Sweet corn! Make up a big batch with Chef Eric's Summer Sweet Corn Recipe here.

Compressed Watermelon and Cantaloupe Recipe- Once you discover compressed melon, you'll want to eat it all the time! Try Chef Eric's recipe here.

Grab a basket and head on out to the garden, bring the kids along and let them be your helpers. This time of year is only here for a little while, enjoy every minute of it that you can.