VacMaster® Bags Protect Your Recipes From Spills And Other Damage

protected recipe cards

With the holiday season officially upon us, I am spending an awful lot of time in the kitchen; no doubt you are as well. While I am doing all of my cooking and baking, I like to keep my recipe out in the thick of it all. Doing this allows me to see what I need to do next without having to stop what I'm already doing. The unfortunate thing about this is that often my recipes get pretty beat up through various spills, and need to be recopied after every few uses; I've finally gotten sick of that. 

This year I have decided to seal all of my favorite holiday recipes in my favorite VacMaster® bags to keep them safe. Once my life is less hectic and busy, I plan to do the same with all of my recipes, and make a book out of them instead of my old recipe box. 

When my recipes are sealed by VacMaster®, I know that the air tight seal, and waterproof bags will protect them from sill damage, that has ruined them in the past. Sealed by VacMaster® I can rinse and dry them after each use to keep them clean time after time. 

If you do not plan later adding hole punches and making a book, you can always trim your bags down and seal along the edge of the recipe, this will prevent adding bulk to the recipes, while also keeping them protected.  Just one more use I've found for my VacMaster® during the busy holiday season!