VacMaster Chamber Pouches, Variety for Your Needs

You’ve decided on a chamber vacuum sealing machine. Now you need pouches. VacMaster Chamber Pouches come in sizes and strengths to meet all your food storage and sous vide cooking needs.

VacMaster Chamber Pouches protect your food from freezer burn and dehydration. The nylon/polyethylene pouches are BPA free and FDA approved for food use. All vacuum chamber pouches can be microwaved, frozen, refrigerated, boiled or used to cook sous vide. The pouches keep your food fresh five times longer than other storage methods.

Below are the types of vacuum chamber pouches offered at All are compatible with any VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer but not with suction type vacuum sealers.

Chamber Pouches are available in a variety of sizes and thickness from 3 mil to 5 mil. Keep in mind that the dimensions listed on the VacMaster website are for the total dimension of the bag – you need to take into account that a portion of the bag will be folded when the bag is sealed so measure what you will be sealing accordingly.

Re-therm Vacuum Chamber Pouches are made for re-thermalizing food. The pouches are boilable, and can stand up to 212°F heat for up to 30 minutes. The side seams are heavy duty, designed to withstand long boiling time while preserving food inside the bag.

Zipper Vacuum Chamber Pouches feature a resealable zipper and easy-open design. Resealing makes them more flexible – vacuum seal your food and store, then open and zip back shut for short-term usage. Zipper pouches are designed with a V tear notch for easy opening. These pouches are ideal for individual snack portions of nuts, trail mix, and more.

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