Vacuum Sealing for Easy Meal Preparation

The kids are back to school and you have a busy schedule. It can be hard to find time to cook between all their activities. VacMaster offers vacuum sealing machines and sealing bags at to help make meal preparation simpler, cheaper and healthier - leaving you a little less stressed.

Reasons to vacuum seal your meals:

  • Time and cost efficient. Spend time on a weekend cooking all your meals for the week. Divide the meals up into daily servings, toss them in the refrigerator for use during the week. Remember to let cooked food cool to room temperature before vacuum sealing. Food sealed while hot can harbor bacteria. Meals are ready made and just need to be pulled from the refrigerator and reheated when you get home from work or picking up the kids from after school activities.
  • Save money and reduce waste by buying your meat in bulk. Vacuum seal individual servings to freeze for later. Vacuum sealed meats last for several months in the freezer without freezer burn. Vacuum sealing and freezing also saves space, eliminating bulky boxes or packaging. You can vacuum seal sauces or spices to add to the meat to cut down on overall preparation time.
  • Don’t want to throw away leftovers, but know the family doesn’t want to eat the same meal one more night in a row? Vacuum seal the remainder of your leftovers for a quick lunch or dinner in the future. This saves money and reduces food waste, while keeping your leftovers tasting fresh.

Vacuum sealing your food will keep it perfectly frozen and prevent freezer burn.

  • Vacuum sealed meats, vegetables and other foods last many months in the freezer.
  • Does your kid like one fruit, but it’s hard to find in the off season? Fruits and berries can also be vacuum sealed and frozen. Stock up when the fruit is in season, vacuum seal and freeze, for snacks all year.
  • Vegetables may also be vacuum sealed, but be sure to blanch them before freezing to remove dirt and bacteria.

Have a classroom function or party coming up but know you won’t have time to make goodies right before the event? Bake a batch of cookies in advance, vacuum seal and freeze until you need them. Then you can focus on other things that need to get done, without the extra stress of last-minute baking hanging over your head.

A vacuum sealing machine and accessories – the time saver and stress saver you need in your life.