Vegetables – They're What's for Dinner

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy vegetables as a main dish. Vegetables as a main course is becoming more popular, with meats often being served as complementary side dishes. The focus of a vegetable dish as the main course is not about replacing meat, it is about showcasing veggies as another meal option.

Veggie dishes can be fun, filling, and healthy. Dishes such as veggie lasagna or veggie steaks are meat-free dishes with substance. Pair pastas with fresh seasonal vegetables in place of meat for a filling, nutritious meal. Serve sides that include meat if you don’t want your meal to go completely meat free. A variety of vegetable main dishes are available online so you can get started right away making a tasty, nutritious meal for your family.

Restaurants across the country are starting to embrace the veggie main dish. Some are using locally grown produce and seasonal veggies for their menu items. Vegetables are being fermented, roasted or smoked and being placed front and center on your plate. Spiralizers are becoming a popular accessory for making spiralized vegetables into pasta to replace traditional pasta. Spiralizers are not just for salads anymore.

Seeds or skins can be roasted for other dishes, reducing waste and helping to use the entire vegetable.

Vegetables as a main dish don’t have to be boring. Spices and sauces can be used on veggies to ramp up flavor and complete the meal. Restaurant chefs are experimenting with veggies and making exciting new dishes and you can make veggies the forefront of your meals at home as well. You can now find cookbooks and online recipes that showcase vegetables as a main dish.

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