Videos- How to Operate the VP320 and VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Norm takes you through the ins and outs of using the VP320 and VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealers. These large counter/table-top units are powerful and reliable work horses, great for commercial food operations as well as the hunter/home processor.

1. How to Operate the VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
The dual seal bars of the VP321 make it one of our best sellers for high volume vacuum sealing. Two 17.25" seal bars allow you to seal multiple bags at one time. Remember to never leave the lid lock on the unit when powered on. The lid latch is only intended for use when transporting or storing the machine. The control panel allows you to adjust settings for vacuum time, sealing time, and cooling time. The lid will automatically open at the completion of each cycle. 
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2. How to Change the Oil for the VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

To keep the oil pump in your VP320 vacuum sealer performing its best you'll want to keep up with regular oil changes. You'll want to check the oil in the oil sight glass, to see the color and level of the oil. The oil should be between 1/2 and 3/4 full in the sight glass. Before adding oil to your unit, be sure to drain the existing oil from the unit. 
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