Videos- How to Operate the VP731 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Explore our second largest chamber vacuum sealer, the VP731. This large unit features a double chamber, perfect for a business setting, allowing you to seal more bags at one time and keep up with the high demand of your business. 

1. How to Operate the VP731 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Watch as Norm shows off the double chamber feature of this unit. Simply set up all of your bags in both chambers, seal one side, flip the top, and seal the other side. This feature allows you to seal large quantities quickly and efficiently. See the easy to use control panel for customizing your vacuum time and seal time settings, as well as the power button and the stop button. 

2. How to Vacuum Seal Using Your VP731 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Again highlighting the double chamber, which allows you to set up one side, while the other seals, making continuous sealing much more efficient. Each chamber has two seal bars for increased efficiency and convenience. Norm walks you through a cycle sealing your bags using the continuous double chamber process.  

3. How to Change the Oil for the VP731 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Regular oil changes are important to keep the pump in your VP731 running it's best. Norm shows you how to check the oil using the sight glass, and how to drain and change the oil when needed. 

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