Videos- Operating the Duo550 Vacuum Sealer

It's the best of both worlds, the suction and chamber sealer all in one, the DUO550 vacuum sealer. This is the perfect unit for home users on the fence between a chamber vacuum sealer and an external suction vacuum sealer. The unit has the suction function, as well as a small chamber for handling and liquid or wet items you may need to vacuum seal. 

1. How to Operate the DUO550 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
One of the most unique models on the market. Capable of sealing long bags externally, and liquids inside the chamber. See how to use the basic functions of this machine in this video. Start by making a bag using a suction roll, use the pull out tray for long items and more. 

2. How to Use the Chamber on the DUO550 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

One of the perks of this machine is the small chamber, you get the ability to vacuum liquids, without the size of most chamber sealers. We have special pouches that are made specifically for this unit, the opening across the width of the bag instead of the length. 

3. Know Your Control Panel and Bags for the DUO550 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Your control panel is where you can select your seal time and vacuum time settings on your vacuum sealer. Watch this short video to see Norm walk you through the basics of the DUO550 control panel.

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