HACCP Services for Vacuum Packaging, Sous Vide and Cook Chill

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Keep the Health Inspector Happy and Your Kitchen Running with a Solid HACCP Plan for Sous Vide and Vacuum Packaging.

Vacuum packaging and the sous vide technique provide wonderful methods for storing and preparing amazing meals in your restaurant. However, in the absence of a solid HACCP plan, your next culinary delight is nothing but a pipe dream. Either you forgo the idea of vacuum packing and cooking sous vide in your restaurant, or worse you try to operate under the health inspectors' radar. This could have severe consequences to your checkbook and reputation. As a solution, VacMaster has partnered with GoHACCP to develop a HACCP plan for your restaurant to ensure you are following procedures to meet the health inspectors' requirements and serving meals that are safe for your patrons.


At GoHACCP's core is a team of top food scientists that work on development, implementation, and consultation of HACCP plans and food safety. haccp-plan-approval-callout.jpgThe value that GoHACCP’s HACCP and food safety services provide to the customer is efficiency, smart cooking, and automation. This tenacity to deliver excellence has yielded a 100% passing rate of all developed HACCP plans. Their services are currently being used at multiple notable locations, including a total of 8 Michelin Star restaurants. To monitor HACCP plans, GoHACCP developed The SOUS Temperature Monitoring Kit, which utilizes IOT technology to monitor, record and store processes automatically. This combination creates additional value for you. The competition simply doesn’t offer the same technology, expertise, or automation your business needs.

What is HACCP

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. It is a science-based, internationally recognized system that has roots back to the beginning of the US Space program. This system is founded on seven principles to ensure food safety and the proper management of restaurant process.

Applied properly, a HACCP plan can be used to control any area which could contribute to a hazardous situation in the food stream whether it be illness-inducing microorganisms, contaminants, chemicals, raw materials, unsafe processes, package labeling, or storage conditions.



Getting Started - The GoHACCP Process

 Gap Analysis

  • Review HACCP Plan Requested completed and submitted by the client.
  • Review current food safety processes, plans records and logs.

HACCP Plan Writing

  • Program Prerequisites: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which lays out basic operational conditions and procedures that are required by law and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) defining the specific processes to ensure food safety.
  • Develop a flow chart for each process whether it be for sous vide cooking, vacuum packaging or other techniques.
  • Hazard Analysis for each process and identification of Critical Control Points.

Variance Application Preparation

  • Variance applications involving Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) processes are high risk culinary procedures that require scientific validation.

HACCP Plan / Variance Application Submission and Approval

  • Submission of HACCP plan and variance application.
  • Communicate any comments and feedback from authorities - if applicable.
  • Edit and resubmit HACCP plan and variance application, if applicable.
  • Process cycle continues until HACCP Certification is complete.

NOTE: Compliance with the HACCP plan requires that the HACCP Plan, approval letter and a copy of the shift logs for the facility be kept on file. The HACCP plan will be sent to the customer at the end of the review process.


HACCP plan writing process: 5 to 8 days. The state authorities in charge control the inspection and review process; normally 45 to 60 days.


GoHACCP will monitor the progress for the submitted plan during the entire review process with the inspector, following up to ensure that the plan is approved. They will notify the client when the final approval is granted and ensure they receive the approval letter.


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