PRO260 Seal Tape

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VacMaster replacement seal tape for the PRO260. Overtime your seal tape may wear out and will need to be replaced.


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Todd Brown 28th Sep 2015

Great to be able to service myself

The seal tape that came with my sealer gave many good years of hard service, I was happy to see that I could get replacement tape to make repairs when needed without having ot bring my sealer in or shipping it off for service. Thank You

Melissa Williams 17th Sep 2015

Fabulous Idea

For those of us that use our VacMaster Sealers a lot, I really appreciate the fact that you offer replacement parts at such a great price. The tape is the most important part of this sealer. It needs to be smooth and flat to create that perfect seal. I keep 2 of these on hand at all times. Thank you VacMaster, by selling these parts you ensure that our sealers will be ready for us every time.

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