VacMaster PRO380 Vacuum Sealer with 16" Seal Bar

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VacMaster PRO380 is equipped with the industry’s first extended 16” seal bar, allows for sealing wider bags and also 2 bags at once. Vacuum package more with this unit, from pre-made meals and leftovers to game and fish. The PRO380 features a powerful dual piston pump and cooling fan, will keep you going for hours. Ideal for heavy home use, recreational hunters and fishermen, and for sour vide cooking.

Features an easy to use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for simple operation. You’ll be able to marinate meats and fish with the marinating function. Also seal delicate items with the pulse button or use accessory port to package snacks in VacMaster storage containers. Includes storage for rolls up to 50 feet long, with handy cutter. A transparent lid makes it easy to see where a bag is being placed on the seal bar.

    • 16 Inch wide seal bar with 5mm wire
    • Stainless steel exterior
    • Roll storage and cutter – store rolls up to 50 feet.
    • Easy-to-use control panel
    • Powerful dual piston pump
    • Built-in cooling fan
    • Accessory port
    • Transparent lid
    • Weight: 23 Pounds
    • Includes: (1) 11” x 50’ roll, (6) quart size bags, accessory hose and manual


 Please Note: Chamber Vacuum Pouches DO NOT work on this suction vacuum sealer. Only use vacuum sealer bags and rolls.



  1-Year Limited Warranty

  Replacement Parts

  VacMaster VP380 User Manual


Reviews (6)

peggy 28th Jul 2017

love this machine

i owned a foodsaver for 15 years with no problems well it finally broke and have had 2 others in the last year with nothing but problems this machine is awesome i highly recommend it

Bill Miller 26th Jan 2016

A Beast

I've owned my 380 for about 6 months now. I researched several brands for months making my decision. I process meat and make thousands of lbs a year of meat products, snack stix, sausages, deli sliced meat, Hams, Jerky, etc. It's what I do as a hobby and a side line biz. I made the right move. Since owning the 380 I have processed and sealed 7 Deer, 150lbs of Brats, 200lbs of snack stix and many many other food stuffs without a hitch. The main selling point for me, what put me over the edge, was the duty cycle or time you have to wait between seals and the 5mil thick seal. My previous Foodsaver made me wipe down the seal wire with a cool cloth and waiting for it to cool down before I could seal another bag. The cutter is extremely handy and is a real time saver as well. The 380 recommends waiting 20 seconds between seals but I can tell you I haven't had an issue with this at all. I use 50ft rolls. My process this far has been. 1: pull out a length of bag material 2: cut 3: seal one end repeat 10-50 times. 4: Fill all the bags 5: vac and seal each bag. Done. no waiting for cool downs and no loss in vacuum. The down side? The end of the roll can and will slide down back into the storage area. Now you have to lift the cutting bar, press the two buttons on each side of the unit, lift the cover and fish the end of the roll back out, close the lid and lower the cutting bar. the trick is to press lightly on the lid while you pick up the corner of the roll end and pull. Otherwise it will slip back down into the abis. When cutting a bag with the cutter it's helpful to press your palm on the tail of the bag while cut. This will help to make a nice straight cut. Otherwise what you pulled out to cut may slip a bit while you run the cutter across the bag. The 380 does not like liquid in or around the seal area at all. If while vacing, juices get pulled up to the seal bar you may get an incomplete seal. You'll notice this by seeing what looks like a blister within the 5 mil seal. No problem, simply pull back a bit and make another seal making for a double seal. I haven't lost vacuum in a bag yet by keeping an eye on this. All in all it's as close to perfect as I can get for what I do and I do a LOT of meat. Would I buy another? In a heart beat and I just might do that.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Machine Type:
Tabletop Suction
Chamber Size:
Seal Bar Length:
Distance Between Bars:
Vacuum Pump:
Dual Piston Pump
Cycle Time:
Electrical Specs:
110V, 60Hz, 5.3 Amps, 720W
Gas Flush:
Machine Dimensions:
19" x 14" x 6.5"
20 lbs
Maximum Bag/Pouch Size:
16" Wide
Compatible Bags/Pouches:
Vacuum Sealer Bags/Rolls
One 11” x 50’ Roll, Six Quart Size Bags, Accessory Hose, and User’s Guide