VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Marinating Canister 2-1/2 Quart

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The VacMaster® Marinating Canister seals out moisture and air and seals in flavor! Our innovative design ensures a perfect marinade every time! Suctioning out the air when marinating quickly pulls the meat fibers apart and the marinade is sucked inside the meat and absorbed. By using our marinating canister you can make sure the marinade is evenly infused in your food in half the time it would normally take. The durable design and transparent base make the canister functional and easy to use. The canisters are even stackable for easy storage. Graduated measuring marks are perfect for portion control and the Vacuum and Lock feature provides a secure and dependable seal. The 2-1/2 Quart Marinating Canister can be used with all VacMaster® PRO Series Vacuum Sealers that support an accessory hose. 


Reviews (5)

joel magnuson 9th Dec 2016

best product out there

I have been using one for marinades and the other 2 for left over with no complaints or problems. Clean up is a breeze and they store so easy

25th Jan 2016

Great for Aeration

These containers seem to work best for aerating things. Wish I had 50 of them. Amazing

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