VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Vacuum Canister 1/2 Quart

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The VacMaster® Vacuum Canister seals out moisture and air, extending the life of your food. Our innovative design ensures a perfect seal every time! The durable design and transparent base make the canisters functional and easy to use. The graduated measuring marks are perfect for portion control and the Vacuum and Lock feature provides a secure and dependable seal. The canister is stackable for easy storage and will save you space. Our vacuum canister is ideal for storing certain foods or liquids that are sensitive to pressure, like salads, soups, and tomatoes. The ½-Quart Vacuum Canister can be used with all VacMaster® PRO Series Vacuum Sealers that support an accessory hose.


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Pat Wardell 15th Dec 2015

Nice size for chamber VP112S without vacuum port

You can set the knob to vacuum or just a little beyond and put in the vacuum chamber. Set the VP112S so it doesn't try to seal a bag, close the lid and press start. Once the vacuum releases open the chamber and turn knob to Lock. Done.... I also have a Jaccard hand vacuum pump and I was able to put it on the top of the knob and draw a vacuum on the canister. Nicely made canisters....

Al Cartwright 21st Oct 2015

Great for left overs

Great for left overs, will keep food in fridge a long time

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