Vacuum Sealer Rolls 8" x 20' VacStrip 12-Pack CLOSE OUT

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Close Out - Last Chance, Quantities Limited.

VacMaster® VacStrip Vacuum Packaging Rolls offer ultimate flexibility. The patented VacStrip technology has a strip of mesh down the center of the roll, acting as a passageway for the air to be pulled out during vacuum packaging. Offers a complete vacuum maximizing storage life of your food, giving you five times longer than traditional storage methods. Rolls help eliminate waste, by cutting the exact size you need. Rolls help eliminate freezer burn and dehydration of your favorite meal. VacStrip bags are FDA approved and BPA-free. They can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled or cooked sous vide. Designed for use with all vacuum packaging machines.


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Jean Carufo 12th Sep 2015

Great Product

Finding these rolls have saved us a ton of money as VacMaster price is the best we have ever found. The mesh inner strip allows for complete vacuum every time and with the quality and thickness of the material, we expect and get close to 100% long term success. We use an old, nozzled, Italian machine and these meshed rolls are so much better than the textured ones. Finding these meshed products have literally revolutionized our vacuum process and success rate. We are sad to see they are being closed out. Try them. You will not be disappointed.

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