Best way to keep dog food and treats fresh- Vacuum seal!

Dog treats

There are so many ways to use your VacMaster® to make life easier. Did you know you can use it to keep your pet enjoying the freshest food too? 

The fantastic thing about vacuum sealing is that it has so many uses; sometimes I simply seal something to create easy organization. For example, I keep a large bin of dog treats on a shelf in my laundry room. It felt like things would disappear in there and go bad, or they would spill and the whole thing needed to be cleaned. I finally decided to bring my favorite household appliance out to help me organize all these treats. I took each already opened package of various treats, bones and chews and repackaged each in a vacuum sealed bag. 

I had originally done this for organization; however once I did it I found that it had a few other benefits as well. All dog lovers know that dog treats and food have distinct odors, especially when they are just hanging out in open packaging. After I sealed the various treats all the mixed odors were gone; I could walk into my laundry room and smell clean laundry instead of dog treats!

Another added bonus is that vacuum sealing helps to keep treats and food fresh for longer, and it was such an easy way to package. I realized it was the perfect way to package my dogs' food for travel, and for my dog sitters. For dog sitters you can make feeding time extra easy by portioning each meal, all they have to do is pour the bag into the bowl!