Buying Guide for Vacuum Sealer Bags

You have your VacMaster vacuum sealer, now you want to explore all the available bag options. VacMaster offers several types of vacuum sealer bags. There are a few options that are not compatible with every machine.

Here is some helpful information to help you choose the right bag: take into consideration the size of what you are preparing, bag material, what you want to store, and how long you plan to store it.

For an External Suction Vacuum Sealer

If you have an external suction vacuum sealing machine, you are going to want to use mesh lined vacuum sealing bags and rolls. The patented technology of VacMaster mesh-lined bags ensures superior performance on all vacuum sealers. Suction machines are not compatible with chamber pouches; the mesh is required for the machine to properly vacuum and seal the bag.

For a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Any VacMaster rolls or pouches may be used with a vacuum sealer machine. The mesh is not required for this type of machine because the air is not sucked out of the bag; it is evacuated from the entire chamber. This can be a large cost saver through time if you use a lot of bags because the chamber pouches are less expensive than the mesh bags.

Chamber sealers can seal the full mesh bags, just like an external suction machine can; however, they can also seal chamber pouches. Chamber pouches are smoother in texture, as they do not require the mesh lining. A chamber vacuum sealer uses air pressure to remove the air from the chamber, rather than suck it out of the bag.

Wondering what the difference is between rolls, bags, and pouches? For detailed information about the differences between bags, rolls, and pouches, refer to the VacMaster helpcenter.

For Sous Vide

One common use for the bags is sous vide cooking. The purpose of sous vide is to cook food at a low, consistent temperature for an extended period of time. More than just cooking your food in a plastic bag - this process ensures that your food is cooked evenly. Temperatures are below the boiling point. 

Vacuum Sealer Bags

These are the pre-cut vacuum sealing bags that may be used with either suction or chamber machines.

You can create whatever size bag you need, when you need it. Just cut the roll to your desired length, seal one end and fill the bag. It’s that easy.

Just like with the bags, rolls may be used with either the suction or chamber machines.

Zipper Bags

VacMaster zipper bags are made from heavy-duty 3-mil material. They can be resealed and are easy to open. The zipper technology keeps stored food fresh up to five times longer than average. The bags maximize suction during the vacuum process, which decreases stress on your machine. Zipper bags may be used with al VacMaster vacuum sealing machines.

When you are done cooking, and want to store leftovers, VacMaster vacuum packaging storage bags are an excellent option to keep your food fresh for months. The storage bags eliminate freezer burn and prevent dehydration. These storage bags can also be used for storing non-food items.


Pouches are pre-cut bags without the patented mesh required for a bag to work properly with the external suction vacuum sealers. Pouches offer three levels of thickness – 5 mil, 4 mil, and 3 mil. 3 mil pouches are sufficient for most sous vide recipes, since sous vide cooking temperatures are generally below 180°F. 4 mil and 5 mil pouches are thicker and most often used for cooking in temperatures higher than 180°F for long periods of time. Pouches are only intended for use with chamber machines. Pouches are ideal for use in commercial kitchens because they are more cost effective. 3 mil vacuum pouches are compatible with chamber vacuum sealers. The pouches can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled or use for sous vide. Home external suction vacuum sealers are not compatible with 3 mil pouches.

If you are cooking food at boiling temperature, VacMaster Retherm Pouches are ideal. These pouches are meant for rethermalizing food and can stand temperatures up to 212°F for up to 30 minutes. They are equipped with heavy-duty side seams that will endure longer boiling times while preserving the quality of the food. Keep in mind, these pouches only work with chamber vacuum sealers, they are not compatible with suction vacuum sealers.

Standard chamber pouches can be used in the microwave. Cut a hole in the pouch to allow steam and air to escape.

All of VacMaster’s bags and pouches are BPA free and FDA approved. All bags aid in prevention of freezer burn and dehydration. VacMaster bags are compatible with all brands of vacuum sealers. When ordering, VacMaster offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more. 

We hope this guide helps you when choosing the right sous vide bags for your vacuum sealer - please bookmark this resource, link to it, and share on social media if you have found it useful.

VacMaster Vacuum Sealer Bags, Rolls, and Pouches – Buyer's Guide

Product Type Suction Sealer Compatible Chamber Sealer Compatible Sous Vide Compatible BPA Free FDA
Full Mesh Bags
Bags Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Mesh Rolls Rolls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Mil Chamber Vacuum Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Mil Chamber Vacuum Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Mil Chamber Vacuum Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Mil Rethermalization Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Mil Rethermalization Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Mil Zipper Pouches Pouches No Yes Yes Yes Yes

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