Preserving Your Game. But for How Long?

After all the work you put into taking your game in the field, the last thing you want is the meat going to waste in the freezer. VacMaster's vacuum sealing technology helps store your fish and game meat at the best quality possible for freezing meat. Using VacMaster vacuum sealers and food sealing bags, weeks or months later, your frozen game will taste as fresh as the day you bagged it.

Check out our game/catch storage chart to see just how long VacMaster can help keep your game fresh. When you process and vacuum seal your game meat at home, you get the pride of taking wild meat from the field to your table completely on your own. From fish to fowl to venison, process your meat and vacuum package with any of our heavy-duty vacuum sealers. They're built to handle anything, including your wild game meat.

VacMaster products are used by skilled outdoor enthusiasts like expert fisher, diver, hunter  Jackie Shea.

Type of Game Frozen (VacMaster Sealed)
Venison (Lrg. Cut) Up to 3 yrs.
Venison (Ground) Up to 1 yr.
Bird Game (Poultry) Up to 3 yrs.
Fish Up to 2 yrs.
Wild Hog (Pork) Up to 3 yrs.

As fall hunting season rolls around again, get ready to stock your deep freeze, and enjoy the wild game meat you take down all year round. Food sealed by VacMaster stays fresh up to 5X longer than food stored by traditional methods.