Spring Turkey Season Is Here

With the arrival of Spring Turkey season many of us are getting ready to pack up our truck and get out into the fresh spring air for a hunt. We all have our own pre-hunt rituals and routines, and I'm sure we all pack the same things to bring out with us while we track our game. 

Years ago my packing never included a vacuum sealer, and when I started bringing them along it was often small suction units that couldn't handle the bloody meat and conked out before the season ended. Before I was introduced to vacuum sealing I always just paid someone else to process my meat, this always took away a little bit of my "I did it all myself" pride that using the meat from my hunts always brings. I knew that processing and vacuum sealing were important for preservation and storage, keeping my meat fresh until I was ready to use it. When I first heard about home vacuum sealing I was pumped to give it a shot, and process my own meat. I was pleased when I was able to pick up a low-priced sealer at the store, and excitedly packed the little guy for my next hunt. 

Of course when I butchered my first deer I didn't account for the fact that when a suction unit sucked the air out of the bag, it would also suck liquids like blood out of the bag, and it wasn't long before I was buying another one. After hearing from other home processors I discovered the difference between vacuum sealing and vacuum sealing with a chamber vacuum sealer. I was shocked when I'd read online about hunters and home processors that they had their vacuum sealer for years, and they still ran like champs.

Turns out they knew what I know now, chamber technology is king when it comes to home processing. The chamber machine doesn't suck; it uses a pump to evacuate all of the air from the chamber creating a vacuum environment, and seals the bag right before letting all of the air back in. Since there is no "sucking" mechanism you are able to seal all kinds of liquids easily and with no damage to the sealer. 

My chamber sealer is now the first thing I put in the truck when I am packing up to hit the field, no matter what I am hunting I know my VacMaster chamber sealer will have no trouble, and I can take all my meat from field to table 100% on my own.