The 5 Best States for Antelope Hunting

Many of the top antelope hunting spots are found in arid shortgrass prairies. Most states require you to enter a draw to get an antelope tag, check state rules and regulations. For the best chance at bagging a pronghorn antelope, head to one of these states:

Wyoming – until recently, Wyoming had more antelopes than people. It still has nearly 400,000 so your odds of bringing one home are high. Wyoming is the best state for bowhunting and firearm hunting pronghorns. You will need to draw a license to hunt in Wyoming. The state has the highest success rates, highest harvest and the most hunter participation. Chances are, if you are a nonresident, you’ll come home with a catch – nonresidents have recorded a 100% success rate in hunting antelope. Firearm hunting season in Wyoming runs from late September to late October.

Montana – a great state for nonresidents. Montana also requires you to draw a tag. Montana has the second largest antelope population. The Bob Marshal, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and Absaroka-Beartooth areas are some of the most famous in the state for hunting. The season runs from early September to early October for archery and early October to mid November for general hunting.

New Mexico – tag availability usually depends on drought conditions. When conditions are good, opportunities are diverse, with some top-notch pronghorn antelope. Private hunting land dominates New Mexico, state land and National Grasslands are limited. Lincoln, Colfax, and Mora counties are some of the top counties in which to hunt in New Mexico. The general season runs from late August through late December.

Arizona – you must purchase a hunting license to hunt in the state. If you have a valid license, you may hunt on state lands. Arizona is known nationwide for its antelope hunting and for antelope with longer horns. The mild winters in Arizona increase the lifespan of antelopes. Navajao Coconino, Apache and Mohave are some of the best counties in which to hunt in the state. The general season runs from late October to late November.

Texas - all lands in Texas’ four national forests are open to the public. You will need a hunting license and there is an additional hunting fee charged in the state. The Panhandle region and the Permian Basin are among the best areas to hunt pronghorn antelope due to the treeless flat plains in these locations. The season runs from late September to mid October.

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