What Is Suction Technology?


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Suction vacuum sealers, commonly known as external vacuum sealers are what many people think of first when they think of vacuum sealers. These are also the most commonly found machines on the market. The technology used in a suction sealer is similar to the technology used in a vacuum cleaner- both use a literal sucking mechanism. 

This is also why suction machines require mesh lined bagsrolls or accessory hoses to work properly; chamber machines can seal jars directly in the chamber, and do not require mesh linings to remove all of the air from a bag. The patented mesh technology works to ensures superior performance on all vacuum sealers. 

When you use your suction sealer and you press the start button you are initializing the suction cycle- at this time the bag is in the clamp and the machine is sucking the air out of the bag. This suction will also suck out any liquid that is in the bag, if you need to seal liquids with a suction machine, we would recommend freezing them first, so they do not get sucked into the machine. 

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