10" X 13" Vacuum Chamber Pouches 3-Mil 1000/Box

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VacMaster® 3-Mil Chamber Pouches are the industry leader for vacuum packaging, providing optimum freshness and a positive reliable seal. These puncture resistant pouches shield food from freezer burn and dehydration, keeping food fresh up to 5x longer. BPA-free and FDA approved, our Nylon/Polyethylene pouches are true to dimension and can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled, or cooked sous vide! Clarity and high gloss ensure that vacuum packaged items are visible through the bag. 10" x 13" chamber size is ideal for 2 servings of chicken breast.

    • Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers.
    • Will NOT work with suction type vacuum sealers.

Reviews (21)

David 16th Jan 2024

Great bags

I have used my 215 for many years and now about the only bag I use now is the 10 x 13. It will hold a lot of different foods and does it well. It is not only for meats, it will store left overs very well. we use it for soups, juices, vegetables. fruits and of course meats. If you are new to the game, get more of this size than the others because they will get used most.

Steve Jensen 31st Oct 2016

Bag of choice for larger proteins

This 10x13" bag is one of the largest ones that will fit in my VP-120. I bought these specifically for larger proteins like baby back ribs, roasts, pork butts, etc. If you are going to store baby backs you'll need to cut the slab in half, but that just makes it easier to handle on the smoker. I've also used this bag for storing leftover brisket, pulled pork, chili, you name it. I absolutely love my VP-120 and these bags help me take full advantage of it's capabilities. Highly recommended.

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