Sous 360

Start Taking Your Cooking to the Next Level

VacMaster Sous 360 is the first and only comprehensive approach to sous vide cooking. Whether you’re currently using sous vide or just getting started, Sous 360 has the products and solutions you need to complete your sous vide process and meet food safety requirements. Choose what you need to close the gaps or save money with one of our comprehensive kits. From beginning to end, Sous 360 has you covered.

Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer
Sous 360 - Food Safety

Food Safety

Already have sous vide equipment? Let us help you streamline operations. Not only can we help with your HACCP plan, we’re the only ones that offer an automated HACCP monitoring device.

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Sous 360 - Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers

Our premium vacuum sealers are ideal for a variety of applications, including home use, commercial use, and sous vide applications.

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Sous 360 - Bags & Rolls

Bags & Rolls

VacMaster has the largest offering of vacuum bags and rolls on the market. All of our bags and rolls are BPA free and FDA approved for food storage.

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Sous 360 - Circulators

Sous Vide Circulators

Say goodbye to inconsistent, overcooked, or flavorless food. Explore our range of immersion circulators for both the home and professional chef.

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Sous 360 - Accessories


A few helpful tools that will complement your vacuum packaging, sous vide, and cook chill needs.

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