10" X 13" Vacuum Chamber Pouches 5-Mil 1000/Box

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The ultimate in food protection and storage, VacMaster® 5-Mil Chamber Pouches are the premium choice for serious users, extending the shelf life of food products 5x longer than traditional storage methods. Our 5-mil bags are the highest quality with durable material ensuring a consistently positive reliable seal. Heavy-duty 5-mil material make this puncture and abrasion resistance, ideal for sealing up crab, boney roast meat, and fish. Don'’t risk your profits on an unreliable pouch.

Our pouches hold up to the demanding requirements of professionals working in a variety of industries, such as meat markets, butcher shops, processing plants, restaurants, and cheese plants. Our high barrier Nylon/Polyethylene pouches are true to dimension and can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled, or cooked sous vide. The BPA-free and FDA approved pouches are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the product.

    • Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers.
    • Will NOT work with suction type vacuum sealers.

Reviews (9)

Vanessa Addison 22nd Oct 2016

Great Product

I love these bags, they're great quality and they never puncture. I make really dry beef jerkey and I never have a problem with puncture holes. I've used food saver bags and within minutes the bag has had tiny holes all over it.

Chris Usavage 20th Oct 2016

Review of 10" X 13" Vacuum Chamber Pouches 5-Mil

Great all purpose bag for use with VP-215. Love the thicker (5 Mil) material - I did have to increase the seal time just a little, but definitely worth the piece of mind knowing it won't puncture easily.

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