16" Pizza Rocker with White Poly Double Handles ZWP2916K

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Use this 16" Stainless Steel pizza rocker knife to slice up your pizza pie, or to cut and dice vegetables and fruit. The rocking feature allows you to maintain a steady, rhythmic momentum. The double handles offer safety and security by keeping your fingers out of the way while working with the knife. With a precision sharp, straight-edge blade, this tool will be perfect for whatever task for which you may need it. The double handles are made of a white polypropylene material that meets rigorous sanitary standards, plus a contoured design offers optimal fit and comfort. NSF Certified.

  • 16" high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Precision honed edge
  • Stands up well to food and grease
  • Front hilt guards increased safety
  • Solid single injection mold provides interior tang stability and improved hygiene
  • Out of the box - ready to use

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Cutlery Style:
Pizza Cutter
White Poly Value Grip