6" X 12" Zipper Vacuum Chamber Pouches 3-Mil 1000/Box

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Featuring a re-closable zipper and easy open design, VacMaster® Zipper Pouches are the ultimate all-purpose chamber pouch. Providing optimum freshness and a positive reliable seal, these puncture resistant pouches protect your food from freezer burn and dehydration. Zipper Pouches can be resealed for more flexible use. Vacuum and store, then just open and zip shut for short term storage. Our Zipper Chamber Pouches are made with a "V" tear notch for an easy open, perfect for jerky, deli meats, and cheese. With the ultra-tight seal, food keeps fresh up to five times longer. Ideal for packaging snacks for kids’ soccer games, hiking trips, car trips and more.

Constructed of heavy-duty Nylon/Polyethylene, these BPA-free and FDA approved pouches are true to dimension and can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, boiled, or cooked sous vide. VacMaster® pouches are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the product.

    • Compatible with chamber vacuum sealers.
    • Will NOT work with suction type vacuum sealers.

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