Bulk - 11.5" x 14" Full Mesh Vacuum Seal Gallon Bags

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Maximize your food preservation prowess with VacMaster's Bulk 11.5" x 14" Full Mesh Vacuum Seal Gallon Bags. These FDA approved and BPA-free vacuum sealer bags are not just safe for your food but also assure its prolonged freshness up to 5 times longer than traditional methods. The full mesh design guarantees uniform and reliable vacuum, making every seal impeccable. Restuarants, home users, butchers and hunters and fishers can bank on these gallon vacuum seal bags to store their food or game ensuring top-notch food quality. Packaged in a handy 50-pack set, these bags are an indispensable tool for professionals prioritizing both safety and quality.


  • FDA approved and BPA-free for utmost safety
  • Advanced airtight sealing for sustained freshness
  • Full mesh technology for consistent vacuuming
  • Robust protection from freezer burns and impurities
  • Available in a practical 50-pack bulk set

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