A Celebration of Barbecue Excellence

The NBBQA 2024 Annual Conference at Pedrotti's Ranch in Helotes, Texas, served as an impressive gathering that celebrated the depth and diversity of barbecue culture, combining competition, innovation, and community. A standout moment was the awarding of first place in the BBQ Tool/Accessory category to VacMaster's VP95 Chamber Vacuum Sealer, affirming VacMaster's dedication to enhancing the culinary experience with superior tools.

This event created a unique platform for chefs and barbecue enthusiasts to showcase their expertise in open-fire and  sous vide cooking, capturing the essence of barbecue. The competition, especially highlighted by the Steak Cookoff Association's steak cook-off, took an exciting turn with the unpredictability of weather, challenging the chefs' versatility and highlighting their dedication to the craft.

The conference served as a melting pot of diverse talents and personalities. To name a few...

Tuffy Stone: A legend in the BBQ world, whose insights and expertise were as enriching as they were inspiring.

Steak Tank: Renowned for their all-purpose seasonings, sauces, and collaborative blends developed on the steak competition trail, Steak Tank has clinched multiple contest wins across the United States.

Operation BBQ Relief: Initiated by competitive pitmasters from nine states, they've served over 120,000 meals in 13 days initially and have since provided over 11 million meals globally following disasters and to support the homeless, first responders, veterans, and military personnel.

The Steak Cookoff Association Team: The driving force behind some of the most competitive and thrilling steak cook-offs, fostering a spirit of healthy competition.

The National High School BBQ Association: Dedicated to inspiring and preparing students for life, this association fosters a nationwide competitive league that teaches, preserves, and promotes the tradition of barbecue and live fire cooking as a sport, utilizing it to develop leadership, career, and life skills for today’s youth.

Lil Gringa: A force to be reckoned with, offering unique perspectives and flavors, and proving that great things often come in surprising packages.

Bear & Burton’s W Sauce: Crafters of delectable sauces that elevate any dish, showcasing the art of balance in barbecue flavors.

Boars Night Out: Known for their award-winning barbecue flavors and competition success, Boars Night Out brings a championship pedigree to every event, offering an array of premium spices and rubs that delight barbecue enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Dark Side Of The Grill: A renowned BBQ catering company offering a range of services from event catering and private dinners to live fire demonstrations and cooking demos, celebrated for their high-quality BBQ and fervent passion for cooking.

VacMaster also had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of their Affiliate Partners like  Blazing StarKBS Outdoor KitchenSweet Swine O' MineAce's WildGrabem In The Brisket, and Fat Boy BBQ. The NBBQA 2024 Annual Conference was not just an event; it was a testament to the enduring bond and shared fervor within the barbecue community.

For a detailed look at all the winners and their categories from the event, visit NBBQA's official page on the 2024 Awards of Excellence.