Get Ready to Tackle Fishing Season

The beginning of February may feel a little early to start thinking about fishing season, but those lakes will be thawing before you know it. What better way to spend a cold day stuck inside, than going through your fishing gear, and day dreaming about being out on the water. 

1. Go through everything

Get everything out of storage, and do a good inventory. Take stock of everything that you have, and look at the condition it's in. For anything in bad condition, determine if it can be fixed, if not, take note and throw it out. 

2. Repair and Organize

Take some time to make necessary repairs, do this early just in case it ends up needing replacing. Once everything you have is in working condition, you can organize it. Keeping all that tackle and equipment will make life far easier once the season begins. 

3. Set goals

What do you want to catch this season, and where do you plan on doing it? Once you know this information you can make a list of equipment you'll need. Compare this list to the one you made of what you already have, and figure out what's missing. 

4. Make sure your VacMaster is ready

Keep everything you catch fresh for up to five times longer by vacuum sealing it for storage. Make sure you have plenty of bags to go with your suction or chamber sealer, as well as any other accessories you may need.