How To: Keep The Kids Happy With Fresh Apple Slices On The Go

Sliced Apple

In celebration of National Apple Day tomorrow, I wanted to celebrate this healthy snack food. I typically want two things out of the snacks that I give my kids, healthy foods and convenience. With my VacMaster® it is so easy to make healthy snacks convenient. The favorite snack in our house is often the simple and delicious apple. I am more than happy to grab an apple and eat it on the run; my kids however, need this tasty treat cut up. I used to always slice up the apple and toss it into a baggie to take the snack with us wherever we were headed for the day, this was often met with complaints later, "mommy, my apple is yucky" thanks to the air the apples always turned and ugly brown color. I started vacuum sealing the sliced apples we snacked on and noticed they did not get that "yucky" brown color. Though I knew that without vacuum sealing my apples always turned brown, and with it they didn't, I had never done a head to head comparison. This morning while I was working on our snack preparation for the day I decided to turn on our newest VacMaster® the PRO110 (fits perfectly on the counter or in a cabinet) and do an experiment. 

Apple experiment supplies

My experiment included: 

• 1 Apple

• Sharp Knife

• Cutting Board

• 1 Zipper Snack Bag

• 1 VacMaster® Zipper Bag

• VacMaster® PRO110

Results of apple experiment

I sliced the one apple in half, I placed one half in the regular zipper bag, and the other half in the VacMaster® Zipper bag and vacuum sealed it. I wanted to find out if the vacuum sealed sliced apple would "brown" less, and was happy in the end to find this to be true. In the first hour or so I started getting discouraged because neither half of the apple seemed to be browning at all, I assume this is because this was the one occasion where I actually wanted my apple to brown quickly. 

I left the two baggies out next two each other on the kitchen counter, then we left for the day to go about our daily activities. When I was able to check on the halves again 8-12 hours later I noticed that the half in the VacMaster® bag still looked edible, very slightly "browned" while the other half in the regular zipper bag looked very brown and a little dried up.