How to Vacuum Seal Guns

Have a gun you don’t fire very often, want to store it to keep it protected? Our VacMaster® GameMaster™ PRO380 was designed with you in mind. Use our PRO380, and keep your guns safe for the long haul and prevent rust. No matter the gun size you can use smaller vacuum bags for handguns or storage rolls for packaging longer rifles or shotguns.

I have a vintage Sundance 25 caliber gun I was given from my Grandpa. I want to keep it preserved as a memory and tribute to him. I don’t plan to fire it, just want to take a peek at it from time to time in my gun safe. Vacuum packaging it gives me the peace of mind that it will last forever.

Keeping your guns vacuum packaged will decrease the chemical reaction that causes rust. Our vacuum packaging bags offer an oxygen barrier protection, keeping the oxygen out will keep your gun safe from rust and deterioration.

Steps to vacuum packaging your gun:

1.Clean your gun thoroughly

2.Apply light coat of gun oil to help protect your gun

3.Vacuum package using VacMaster® GameMaster™

4.Store gun in a safe place

I’ve also started to vacuum seal my ammo, for preservation purposes, but mainly to keep myself organized. I have a fair amount of ammunition in my stock pile and I like packaging about 100 rounds in one bag, which makes it easy to grab go when I’m on my way to the gun range.