Preserving Your Venison for Year-Round Use

Venison is versatile – it can be used for meat cuts, jerky, or made into sausage. It adds a unique flavor to your plate. If you enjoy eating the venison you hunted, and want to do so year-round, let me help you preserve your venison for use any time of year. Here’s how:

Vacuum Seal – Why?

  • Keeping your uncooked venison away from air and moisture is critical for long-term storage. VacMaster has a variety of  chamber vacuum sealer machines and chamber pouches ideal for vacuum sealing and preparing your venison for storage.
  • Vacuum sealing your venison is the safest way to protect it and keep it fresh for up to a year in the freezer.

Using your VacMaster to seal your venison:

  • Keep it flat. Flatter packages freeze faster. Plus, they stack better than clumps of meat.
  • Once you have vacuum sealed your venison, you can wrap it in white freezer paper for an extra layer of protection.

Vacuum seal your meat with high-quality plastic bags, such as the chamber pouches offered by VacMaster.

  • Keep the packing tight. This will keep the air out – air is bad for food you plan to store.
  • If air gets in, it will cause freezer burn. Cheap plastic bags or pouches may pop open in the freezer, which would allow air in or cause freezer burn.

Other Ways to Preserve

So you don’t want to just vacuum seal your game? Well, there are a few other ways to preserve your venison.


You can also store venison by canning it. You will need a pressure canner to properly store your game this way. The venison does not have to be cooked prior to canning. For extra protection, you can vacuum seal what you canned before storing.


Turning your venison into jerky is another way to preserve it and have it on hand for a quick snack anytime, regardless of where you are. Jerky can easily be made at home with your VacMaster and chamber pouches.

You spent the time and effort to hunt the deer. Keep it as fresh as the day you made the kill by preserving it properly. Preserve your game year-round with VacMaster!

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