Tax Day with VacMaster

Ready or not, Tax Day is next week. If you haven't filed yet, it's time to gather all your documents and sit down at the computer or pass them on to a trusted tax professional.

Since I've had experience with the unexpected at tax time, I always make sure to do mine at the beginning of the season. As soon as I have all the documents I need in my hands, I drop them off. Along with allowing time to deal with any surprises, doing your taxes early saves you a headache when the mad dash comes at the end of the season. 

Once you are done filing your taxes, remember to hold onto all your documents. Keeping your records for three years is a safe practice in the case of future audits. Vacuum seal the records by year to make sure nothing gets damaged, and everything stays together. It is also helpful while it's on your mind to figure out where you will put any documents you may need for next year's taxes. Use one drawer, envelope, or storage container to store all your important receipts and forms to makes sure you know exactly where they are when you need them.

Don't forget Tax Day 2017 is Tuesday, April 18th. That gives you a little extra time from the usual April 15th deadline.