Using VacMaster To Process Game Is Easy Enough For All Ages

Logan and buck

It's always been common for me to spend an evening or a weekend out hunting, on my own or with my buddies near our North Carolina home. Following these hunts I've created the habit of processing the meat myself, using my VacMaster VP120. Processing my own game and fish over the years has saved me a great deal of money, which I've been able to save for updating and upgrading my gear. 

What made this season uncommon for me was that my 8 year old son, Logan started joining me on my hunts. It was so much fun to experience the joy and novelty of it all through his eyes- it had been years since I had experienced any firsts on a hunt. His excitement was contagious and I found myself taking him on hunts often, and allowing him to help me process the game afterwards.  

His greatest "first" came late in firearm season, when one day after school Logan downed his first buck- a beautiful whitetail. To commemorate this special experience, I let him take the lead in processing the animal after we got it home. We used my trusty VacMaster, which is simple enough to use my 8 year old was able to vacuum package the entire animal on his own. 

I'm looking forward to filling the freezer (again) next season with the help of my new hunting partner!