VacMaster Educates Culinary Students at JCCC

Attending JCCC Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy High-School Culinary Competition as representatives of VacMaster was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the next generation of culinary professionals. On February 10th, 2023, VacMaster's very own Dave Philgreen had the privilege of speaking to the talented young chefs about knife safety, sous vide cooking, and vacuum packaged food.

Held in the college's top-notch culinary arts lab, the competition was an exciting showcase of the students' skills and creativity. As an expert in the field of  vacuum packaging, Dave was thrilled to share his knowledge and experience with the aspiring chefs and help them take their culinary skills to the next level.

One of the key topics Dave discussed was  knife safety. He emphasized the importance of proper techniques and demonstrated how to grip and maneuver knives in a safe and controlled manner. His aim was to help the students avoid accidents and stay safe while honing their culinary skills.

Another topic that sparked the students’ interest was  sous vide cooking. This innovative cooking method involves cooking food in airtight bags, in a temperature-controlled water bath. Dave explained the many benefits of sous vide cooking, such as consistent and uniform cooking, preservation of the natural flavors of the food, and the ability to achieve perfect doneness at scale.

Finally, Dave talked about vacuum packaging food and how it can help to extend the shelf life of food, reduce food waste, and improve the flavor and texture of the food. He demonstrated how to use a vacuum sealer and provided tips on choosing the right type of bag for specific needs.

Attending the  JCCC Wylie Hospitality & Culinary Academy High-School Culinary Competition was a truly enlightening experience. The passion and enthusiasm of the young chefs was truly inspiring, and we were honored to have Dave represent VacMaster and be a part of such a unique event. We hope that the information Dave shared with the students will help them in their culinary pursuits and we look forward to seeing their future successes.