SOUS - Remote Temperature Monitoring Kit

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The SOUS is a remote smart thermometer paired with an app and dashboard that gives you 24/7 insight into your operation. The continuous temperature monitoring offers the food service, retail and cold storage industries a real time solution that will ensure more accurate time and temperature controls. SOUS allows you to improve food safety by implementing automated processes to become more efficient, reduce human errors and monitor equipment operations. Collaborate with your team by assigning sensors and increase accountability with time stamps and signatures. The remote monitoring dashboard gives you access to real-time information, alerts and temperature records no matter where you are at!

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Food Production


Grocery Stores

Butcher Shops

Cold Storage

Culinary Schools
Automated monitoring icon

Automated Monitoring

  • Automatically monitor your refrigeration system 24/7 and deliver cost saving alerts the moment there's a problem 
  • Wireless temperature monitor will work in everything from walk-in coolers, to freezers, to refrigerators
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Compliance Management

  • HACCP monitoring for restaurants and food service organizations
  • Real time validation and auditing
  • Provides visibility for Health Inspectors
  • Eliminate analog record keeping
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Actionable Alerts

  • Send desired event notifications to phone, email or text alerts
    • Alert staff when product reaches proper refrigerated temperature
    • Alert staff when product has pasteurization
    • Alert staff of temperature danger zones
    • Alert staff if product needs to be discarded
    • Alert staff to equipment failure and reduce downtime
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Team Collaboration & Accountability

  • Set up digital checklists
  • Assign monitoring to team members
  • Record Time Stamps and Validation Signatures
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Go Paperless

  • Automated Documentation and Reporting
    • Reduce human errors and lost analog reports
    • Improve efficiency
    • Access reports at any time

NIST traceable and easy probe calibration





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Additional Info

Additional Info

Machine Type:
Remote Temperature Monitoring Kit
Overall Dimensions:
7 1/6" X 3 7/8" X 2 3/16"
.95 lbs
K-Type Thermocouple Probe, Raspberry Pi, Charging Pad, Wireless Charging Cable, USB Charging Cable, MicroUSB Power Supply, Neoprene Tape Sided Adhesive, SOUS 18 V 1.2 assy, Double Coated Square Tape, and User Guide.
App Requires Monthly Fee